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Do you run a restaurant, a clothing store or any other business with a catalogue? In EDIT.org we provide you with the best sheet sized paper templates with a QR inserted, easy to customize and ready to print or share on social networks.

QR codes are so useful when it comes to giving details about a business, product or event. Mobile phones can easily read them, and they have proved to be successful in digital marketing strategies. In this article, also find the best tips and recommendations to use these codes in your designs without losing your business personality and essence.

Without having specific knowledge in design, in a few clicks, you will have your designs ready from predesigned templates you only have to select and personalize. We give you instructions to create QR codes and put them in the editable designs of EDIT.org.

What are QR codes and what are they for?

These square codes are similar to the barcodes of products which open a link by scanning them with a mobile phone. The camera of the iPhone, as well as those of other smartphones, already incorporate a code scanner. Otherwise, there are many pre-installed apps to read such codes, so it is increasingly accessible and used more.

QR codes are increasingly useful. For instance, if you run a restaurant and you upload the menu on the webpage, creating a code that when scanned with a reader opens it, avoids touching the menu with hands as well as not waiting for the waiter to come to the table.

How can I create one?

You solely need to go to a free QR code generator and create a personalized and unique code that leads to the link (destination URL) you want. You can do it in less than 5 minutes, and as much as you want.

What do I do with this QR code?

Download the QR code (it's a JPG or PNG image) and paste it into an EDIT.org design. Then you can print it or publish it on social networks, well visible to the public, so that your customers can scan it with a smartphone and access your products, services, or information that you want to communicate.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your business:

QR for restoration

QR for clothing stores

QR for small businesses and services

It's time to connect your company with the digital world! Not only can EDIT.org help you inserting a QR code in your business catalogue, but it also enables you to create the best design according to your business personality in just one click.

Check now the editor to see all possibilities and observe how easy it is to create the design of your dreams. Your business will be more connected than ever with your environment!

Edit a QR sign
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Edit a QR sign