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Customize printable reservation signs for tables

Make a free, elegant "table reserved" sign and print it with your venue's logo or photos easily with this editable template.

Edit a reservation sign

Easily create a free table reservation sign for your bar, restaurant, or nightclub with EDIT.org's editable templates. Print them in high quality with your logo.

Reserved sign for tables printable designs


Create reserved signs for tables online

It's crucial to let our customers know a table on our premises is reserved. If not, the table may be occupied and cause problems to the restaurant. Imagine there's a business lunch celebration, a birthday party, or a commemorative dinner. As the venue manager, you would feel terrible for having failed those customers who had booked that table.

To avoid such misunderstandings, EDIT.org has various elegant reserved table sign templates. You can design them using your restaurant's style and change everything you want: color, text, fonts, background colors, etc. Don't forget to add your logo too. Once you're delighted with your design, share it with your team, download it in JPG, PDF, or PNG format, and print in high quality.

Reservation card templates to print


Customize reservation sign templates at EDIT.org

See how easy and fun it is to edit with us:

  1. Select one of the templates featured in this article or go to the editor
  2. Edit the design chosen with your venue's logo or a photo
  3. Save the template online. Then you can correct it whenever you want, open it from any other computer or mobile device, or share it
  4. Download the file and print it in the format you need (JPG, PNG, PDF)
  5. Ready! Fold it and place it on the table you book

Customizable reserved table cards


Design reserved signs for restaurant tables

You can edit and customize our free reservation signs for any sort of occasion you may have. Do you need to create a specific sign only to book a seat with the client's name? Do you want to create a reservation sign for a room, dressing room, or conference room for your hotel? Maybe you want to edit a reservation template to separate an item in a clothing store? Or a sofa for a VIP client in a nightclub? Whatever your business, edit any template in seconds and customize it to satisfy your needs.

Reserved for family table sign templates


Print your custom reserved table signs

The reserved table sign usually gives 15 minutes to the delay of clients who have made the reservation. If those customers do not arrive on time or warn of their delay, the reservation is canceled. Some venues ask for a credit or debit card number in advance to make the reservation. If you need, you can create an elegant poster with rules and reservation policy to hang on your premises so that customers can know how to make reservations correctly and their conditions.

When finishing your compositions, remember to save them on your user profile to keep editing them when you want or create copies.

Don't think more and start designing your table reservation signs at EDIT.org!

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Edit a reservation sign