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Edit a tailor or sewing template

Free posters and flyers for tailor stores and seamstresses

Create flyers, banners and posters to communicate and promote your sewing and tailoring services with the templates of the online editor EDIT.org

Edit a tailor or sewing template

Create editable posters for your sewing store and promote your tailoring services with the free templates from our graphic editor EDIT.org

Tailoring and sewing editable banner template to custom online


Create a flyer to promote sewing services

Did you know that most people seek sewing services "near me"? If you have a sewing shop or a tailor's workshop, it is important that your environment knows that you exist, since most customers will find you by proximity, that is, by being close to their home or workplace.

That is why one of the first steps to promote your clothing repair services is to create flyers and posters to distribute and hang in the environment of your workshop.

In addition, you can advertise online your offers, classes and even schedules of your sewing workshop through social networks or your website.

Do you want to create your own banner and poster designs? We explain how to design them using the free and editable templates of our online graphic editor EDIT.org. 

Customizable poster to promote a sewing service


How to design free banners for tailors with the graphic editor EDIT.org

Do you want to customize free design templates to create posters, banners and flyers for tailor stores, sewing seamstress, dressmakers or needlewomans? Just follow these simple steps, and in a few minutes you can have several custom designs downloaded to your device:

  1. Click on any image in this article or enter the editor directly
  2. Select the design you want to edit
  3. Customize the image as you prefer (logo, texts, colors, fonts, icons ...)
  4. Save changes online
  5. Download the image in JPG, PDF or PNG


Use sewing shop poster designs to print or share online

In addition, our graphic editor is a program that you can use online, without having to download any software. It is very easy to use, much like editing a Word document, but with the visual quality of a professional designer.

With EDIT.org you can create designs to promote yourself as a dressmaker and create all the corporate identity for your store and sewing classes, promote events, create your business cards and opening hours, price lists, etc.

In addition, you can modify the size and proportions of any of the predesigned templates with a single click, by clicking on the "Change size" button and choosing the new format (the design is automatically readjusted to the new format, it is quite impressive).

Enter the editor now and create your first posters and banners to promote your sewing or tailoring workshop totally free and in a few minutes.

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Edit a tailor or sewing template