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Edit a laundry template

Laundry templates to create flyers and banners designs

Editable templates to promote your laundry service. Enter the graphic editor EDIT.org and create your flyers and banners designs for free online.

Edit a laundry template

Create posters, flyers and banners to promote your laundry business with the pre-designed templates for online editing from the graphic editor EDIT.org

Laundry template to customize online for free


Create a design to promote your laundry and dry cleaning service

Washing clothes and keeping them well preserved is a job that many people value. Although today many homes have their own washing machines, the laundry service has not disappeared due to its differentiation in the quality of washing and above all, due to the delicacy with the most delicate garments.

In addition, self-service coin laundries (laundromats) are becoming more common, especially in city centers where people who have just arrived or passing through reside and do not have a washing machine, or even prefer this service due to the large capacity and speed of the washing machines. This trend is such that some of these places offer coffees and teas for waiting and the most radical ones come to combine it with live music or other types of mixes.

If you want to publicize your establishment, it will be very good for you to create attractive designs and distribute them around the neighborhood and publish them on social networks. We explain how you can do it right now, in a few minutes, without knowledge of graphic design and for free!

Schedule template for laundries


How to design laundry flyers with editable online templates from EDIT.org

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on any image of this article
  2. Select the pre-designed template you want to edit
  3. Edit and adapt the design for your laundro
  4. Save changes online and create as many versions as you want
  5. Download free designs in JPG, PDF or PNG

Laundry price list flyer template to edit online for free


Use promotional laundry designs to print or share online

Easy right? In addition, you are sure to have fun, since the graphic editor is very intuitive and easy to use.

All templates are ready to print or publish online. In addition, with the "Change size" button you can modify the layout format and the composition will automatically adapt to the new proportions. In this way, by designing only once, you can have the design ready to print as a rectangular flyer or to publish on the Instagram wall as a square post, for example.

Don't wait any longer and create your flyers, posters and banners to promote your laundromat or launderette, and even signal everything you need.

Enter the online graphic editor and try it, it will surprise you.

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Edit a laundry template