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Designs for cleaning services

Designs for cleaning services
Designs for cleaning services

Designs for cleaning services

Edit a cleaning service poster

Do you want to promote your cleaning services? If you have a cleaning company, these cleaning and disinfection service templates will do very well, which you can customize as easily as if it were a Word document. Click on any of the posters and you will discover how easy and fast it is. You can change the colors and put those of your brand, include a logo, modify the texts or add whatever you need.

Do you want to go from the stair cleaning poster to something bigger like flats, houses, offices, hotels or entire buildings? Disinfecting workspaces, supermarkets, public transportation, and any space accessible to the public is vital to avoid spreading viruses, diseases, or pests.

You will find editable designs for everything you need to communicate, be it to print, hang on a website, send by email or publish on Facebook or Instagram (although if you are willing to target larger clients you should also publish it on Linkedin). You can even create a logotype, a business card or a cover for some document. We also give you some tips to get more clients with your services:










And much more! To give them some peace of mind, you can report the processes you follow, such as disinfecting footwear and tools before and after each service, or that you wear gloves and maintain recommended safety distances.

In addition, they will also be interested in knowing what type of products are going to be used for each type of surface (parquet, rugs, carpets ...) or space (offices, homes, vehicles...). A banner informing about the use of organic products can help convince clients with these values, which are increasing. It is recommended to share numerical data on the effectiveness of the service to eliminate bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19. You choose who you want to serve, be it in the food industry, in offices, coworkings or clothing stores, for example.

The best advice is to use these creative design templates for any promotion. Each of them are designed to communicate some of the proposals that we have explained to you, so you just have to click on one of the images and you will access all these posters. You'll do a great marketing on facebook, instagram, mailing... You will get the most out of your work, because communicating with a beautiful and clean design says a lot about you.

Edit a cleaning service poster
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