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The best Father's day promotion templates

The best Father's day promotion templates
The best Father's day promotion templates

The best Father's day promotion templates


Considered to be one of the most special days in many families, Father's Day is crucial when it comes to creating closer ties between fathers and children and strengthening their relationship. Therefore, EDIT.org gives you some ideas and tips for your business to carry out promotions and ads on such a unique occasion.

Father's Day in the United States is a party that is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June, (next father's day is going to happen in June 21st. 2020) in order to pay tribute to the father figure, but this day is held in many countries on different dates. This day had its beginnings in 1909 in Spokane, Washington when the daughter of a Civil War veteran requested a special day to honor her father, who had raised her and her 4 siblings after his wife died. This proclamation was issued in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson.

Beyond congratulating all the parents of the world but in particular that of each one, surely gifts, ideas, typical father's day greeting cards come to mind... Many families will meet to say “Happy Father's Day".

We want to present some ideas that fit with your customers, and above all make it very easy for you to launch your promotions on Father's Day with the best design available with a few clicks! You know, templates that you can edit in one click and provide professional designs for your business are rare. But you can find them here!

Let’s start!

If you have a restaurant, you're lucky! Do not miss this golden opportunity to celebrate with your customers. Whether they are suit and tie customers or more casual, it is a perfect day to create a special menu for this event. You can even make a special menu of drinks or desserts very easily with templates for restaurants, including a special discount for parents. How about free dessert for dads who come with their kids?

If you have a bar, take advantage of it and fill it with men. How about a club for fathers for only one week? How about dressing your restaurant with male ornaments from the 20s?

But... what if we go a little further? How about creating a special invitation for families to give to the father? It is a day of tributes and what better way to do it with a special invitation for fathers.

If you have a consumer goods company you can offer all sorts of special offers for fathers, so their families can have ideas to buy. Typical easy gifts can be socks and ties, but also more expensive clothes like suits. Electronics are also more demanded during these dates. Other welcomed gifts are men's healthcare products, from colognes to facial creams or massage treatments.

Regardless of what your business does, it is a good time to communicate with your customers with a great image or design, and thus promote your products or services. You don't need much time or creative effort, with Edit you have it all quick and easy. You just have to choose a template and edit it in one click.

We invite you to discover these ideas and the best templates for this moment. And remember, don't wait for the last minute. Start promoting it now. It could be a single day or you can turn it into Father's Week. It’s all up to you. Happy Father's Day!

Start now to design your unique and competent promotion, voucher, poster, or social media post for Father's Day with the corresponding elements and motifs. Visit our online editor, choose a template to get started, and discover all the possibilities. Very simple, fast, and straightforward. Have a nice Father's Day!


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