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Free Travel Itinerary Templates to Edit and Print

Create an informative brochure for your travel agency's itineraries with EDIT.org's free, customizable templates.

Edit a travel itinerary

Discover the customizable travel itinerary templates from the graphic editor EDIT.org. Communicate the unique routes offered by your agency.

Free trip planner template to customize online


Customize a trip itinerary template online

It's very common for travel agencies to create a summary document with their different route itineraries. These are published on the website so that future travelers can get an idea of everything they'll see, or printed out and hung in the office window to get the attention of anyone who passes by.

These trip planners can contain detailed route information with a comprehensive description of all daily experiences and activities. They can also be more generic, mentioning only the most important visits.

In any case, these designs should emphasize the tour highlights, whether they're excursions to cities, monuments, or landscapes. They should also always contain the start and end date, as well as what's included or excluded.

To make these designs, either on letter-sized paper or to create a brochure or banner, use EDIT.org's predesigned templates to avoid wasting time on designing them and get a professional result for your agency. Print your brochures or share them online in just a few minutes.

Free travel itinerary template to print


How to edit an itinerary planner template on EDIT.org

  1. Click on a design in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Choose the template you like best for your travel route.
  3. Customize it with the corresponding texts or add more elements.
  4. Save the layout.
  5. Download the final result to print or share online.

Editable travel itinerary planner template


Posters, flyers, and banners for travel agencies

On the editor, you'll also find more generic free templates for travel agencies and also templates to promote summer or Easter trips, among others. For all your compositions, use the same design pattern to show a stronger and more uniform corporate image.

Finally, don't forget to save your designs in your user profile to continue editing them at another time or to make copies. This way, you can create the posters or banners you want from the same template, keeping the basic elements such as colors or the logo. You'll only have to change the images and text depending on the trip or tour in question, which will only take you a few minutes.

Start promoting your planned itineraries now and advertise your routes to all those adventurers willing to see the world.

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Edit a travel itinerary