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Edit a Minutes template

Meeting Minutes templates to edit online and print

Create a personalized meeting minutes with the editable design templates of the online graphic editor EDIT.org

Edit a Minutes template

Use meeting minutes templates to print or edit online and surprise attendees with custom layouts for each meeting.

Printable meeting minutes template to customize online for free

What is a meeting record and what is it for?

The minutes of meetings are written documents that are drawn up during formal meetings (usually of companies or associations) and whose main objective is to leave a summary of the meeting in writing. Therefore, they serve to record the deliberations that have occurred and, above all, the decisions that have been taken.

Cool designed meeting minutes template to edit online for free

What parts do the meeting minutes consist of?

They have a more or less defined structure, which can vary, but usually consist of:

Signatures and end time of the reunion. The person who presides over (and normally moderates) the meeting is called the President, together with a second person who assists him / her (called the Secretary). They are the people responsible for writing and signing the minutes, which later have to be accepted as valid by the attendees.


How to Create Custom Templates for Meeting Minutes

Would you like to have personalized meeting minutes? If you want to impress the attendees, you can customize the pre-designed templates in our graphic editor.

You will see that there are many varied designs that you can adapt. It is as simple to use as a Word document, but with the visual graphic quality of a graphic designer using Photoshop.

You can even customize the templates with a different color for each month or quarter, so you can have them sorted by color.


How to create meeting minutes with the online editor EDIT.org

  1. Click on any image of this article
  2. Select the meeting minutes sample you want to edit
  3. Customize the minutes with your logo, corporate colors, typography, etc.
  4. Save changes online
  5. Download your personalized minutes template in JPG, PNG or PDF


Use the minute templates to print or share online

You can fill in the templates directly in the editor and save them in the editor, as well as download them to your device and send them by email. If you prefer to use them to print and fill them out by hand, you can also, since all the minutes templates are ready to print in high quality.

Now go to the editor and create your personalized meeting minutes templates with the best design of all.


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Edit a Minutes template
Edit a Minutes template