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Printable survey editable templates

Create printable surveys with the free editable template designs for simple and visual questionnaires from the online graphic editor EDIT.org.

Edit a survey

Edit online and create your surveys and questionnaires with spectacular designs has never been easier; ready to print in a few clicks.

Survey templates online graphic editor for free


Why create a survey for your business

Have you thought about how useful a survey can be? If you are reading this you probably have something in mind. There are many types of surveys you can use for your company or business, from questionnaires for market research for the development of new products or offers, to hot surveys of customer satisfaction after consumption or service. You can also use them for internal issues of your company, asking employees if they feel fulfilled working or if there are improvements that can be implemented, for example.

In fact, it is very positive to be curious to find out what goes through people's minds or what their experience as a user or consumer is like, since listening is the basis for discovering the needs or tastes of our target target, to such an extent that We can take advantage of it to generate a database with new leads or potential clients.

Survey template for free to customize online and print


How to take a free survey with templates to edit

If you are already clear about what type of survey you want to create, the rest is rolled out. If you want to obtain surveys with attractive designs that attract attention and therefore get more quality responses, you are in the right place.

You don't need to know how to design or hire anyone, just select a design from our online graphic editor and customize it with your questions.

Use the free printable survey templates from our editor and in some minutes you can download them to your device. You will see that it is easier than editing a Word or Excel document, but with the result of a professional graphic designer using Photoshop.

Read on to find out how in 5 easy steps.

Free survey template sample to edit online and download


How to design questionnaires with the online editor EDIT.org

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on any image in this article and you will enter the survey editor
  2. Select the questionnaire template that you like the most
  3. Modify questions and text fields
  4. Save changes online for later
  5. Download your survey in JPG, PNG or PDF

It is done! In addition, you can edit the parts you want of the design to adapt it to your brand: upload your logo, choose corporate colors, select or upload your typography and choose from thousands of free copyright-free resources.

Survey template to print in paper, editable online for free


Use editable online surveys to print

All editable surveys are designed so that you can print them, using formats and colors that contrast and without excessive color, highlighting what is necessary to attract the eye to the right point and make it easier for the respondent to fill out the form easily and quickly.

In addition, you can modify the format, proportion or size of the graphic composition in a single click with the "Change size" button.

If you want to try your luck, you can click on the "Magic Colors" button and you will see how the colors of the entire design change (watch that it hooks).


Surveys and Quizzes - Customizable and Printable Examples

As you can see, you have everything you need to create your surveys with spectacular designs that will surprise both you and your environment. Also, you will have done them!

Don't wait any longer to try the editor. Enter now and discover designs and examples of surveys that you can adapt for your business in a few clicks. When you have tried it you will love it!

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Edit a survey
Edit a survey