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Edit a ceremony program template

Wedding program template designs to edit online

Wedding program templates to customize online at EDIT.org. Get an amazing result by customizing designs online to print in high resolution.

Edit a ceremony program template

Save time and money by creating romantic and original wedding programs with EDIT.org's customizable templates, ideal for religious and civil ceremonies.

Free sample wedding program template


Customize a wedding reception program template

A guest comes up to you and asks, "What time is the wedding? Where? When do we have to sit down?". The bride's nephew taps you on the shoulder a few minutes later and asks, "What time is dinner?". You get an urgent email, "What color can only be worn by the bride during the wedding?". The concerned groom's father rebukes you: "Who is the ring bearer?". The mother adds another question, "Who will sing?". The bride's best friend asks you, "What time do the bride and groom say goodbye and throw the bouquet? I want it!"  

Oh my gosh, so many questions!

Organizing a wedding can become a terrible headache for the bride and groom, the family, and the organizing committee. Imagine answering the same questions over again to each guest all afternoon. What a mess! 

The most effective solution is to make a program for your event. At EDIT.org, we have created for you magnificent editable templates that you can create in seconds and as if you were an expert designer:

Wedding program template free download


How to create printable wedding programs with EDIT.org

Follow these four easy steps to design a wedding event program:

  1. Click on any image we show you in this article to start customizing it or enter the editor.
  2. Customize whatever you want: color, text, typography, images... There are no limits!
  3. Save your work in the cloud. This way, you can make changes or add new ideas and additions whenever.
  4. Download your wedding program card in JPG, PNG, or PDF and print it with high resolution.

That's it!

Catholic wedding program template with mass


Free wedding ceremony program examples

At EDIT.org, we don't want borders to limit the happiness of love - is there anything more exciting than a couple deciding to tie the knot for life? We want to make life easier for wedding event planners around the world! For such reason, we have created wedding planners for both civil and religious ceremonies.

You will be able to layout the chronology of the wedding you are planning visually and clearly, without misunderstandings - we are wedding experts! You will be able to organize every single aspect of a ceremony by working directly with the event protagonists. We have also created templates for:

Editable tri fold wedding program template


Download an unique wedding program in minutes

You will no longer need to spend hours trying to create designs in Photoshop and feel frustrated for not achieving the result you have in your head. You will become a great designer by typing as if writing in a Word document. Our graphic editor is intuitive and fun to use. Just take the guest list and the schedule and cut and paste them into the sections that we have differentiated for you within each template. Create the most beautiful wedding programs and have an unforgettable wedding - long live the bride and groom!

Go to the editor now and generate, in seconds, a lovely wedding program with every detail you need!

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Edit a ceremony program template