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Get more views and likes in your videos by customizing your YouTube Thumbnails with hundreds of exclusive designs that will attract your audience.

Design thumbnails of youtube video

Design your exclusive miniatures

youtube thumbnails

Your video will compete against hundreds of videos, in EDIT we know that highlighting on YouTube is key to your video having much more visibility, views and likes. It all starts with having a good miniature that is different from the others and that stands out.

We have hundreds of thumbnails that you can modify with total freedom. Change the backgrounds, the texts, you can even add icons and resources of your theme so that it is an exclusive and perfect template for your video.

example of youtube thumbnail

Stand out from the crowd

We propose a large number of designs with which you can create stunning Thumbnails for YouTube without knowing how to design. All this through our online thumbnail editor, with hundreds of completely free templates and resources such as icons or images that will help you create high quality designs, online and without downloading any programs.

Design thumbnails of youtube video