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Edit a COVID template

QR COVID. Printable certificates and posters.

Edit free online editable templates to create printable covid passports, forms, banners and venue access information signs.

Edit a COVID template

Easily create from editable templates: covid passports, forms, banners and signs of access rules to access a venue.

Poster to announce customer access measures.

Printable posters to ask for the QR covid certificate before entering.

Someday COVID-19 will be a sad memory in our memory and hearts. But, unfortunately, today we must continue to fight against this dangerous virus and think of our loved ones as well as our customers and employees.

Life is a wonderful experience, we cannot let anything stop us.

Due to the current situation, it is necessary to present the Covid Certificate for access to commercial premises. Therefore, the expert designers at EDIT.org have created effective signs for you to place at the entrance of your premises so that your customers know what information is required in a clear and direct way. As required by law in some countries (and at certain times of the pandemic), a COVID passport must be shown or shown to a worker to be checked and approved for access to the premises.

Editable covid passport. Put your name and data.

Create printable business cards with the covid passport QR.

On the other hand, we have also created for you business card sized covid passports ready to print in which you can display the QR showing the complete vaccination guideline. If you are going to travel or you have a company where your employees must visit, every day, several locations, companies, etc. you can edit one of our ready-to-print covid passport templates with the name, surname and QR and even add a picture of the person.

Also consider creating a "free covid" business card: this will reveal the professionalism of your company and will cause relief among your most unprotected customers.

When you have finished customizing the design, it is a good idea to print and laminate your COVID vaccination card to have it at hand, as sometimes looking for it on your cell phone, especially when there is no reception, becomes cumbersome (not to say impossible when the battery runs out).

Therefore, if you have a printing company this is a great business opportunity: now you can offer the service of creating and printing these business cards or passports COVID vaccination with QR and laminate it to any customer.

How to create a covid poster or a vaccination passport to print?

It is very simple:

  1. Click on any image in this article.

  2. Or select a poster, banner or passport from our library.

  3. Edit and personalize it with your name, include the QR and change the background color if you like. You can include your photo on passports or your company logo or signature on posters.

  4. Save your changes online in case you want to make any touch-ups later.

  5. Download the design to your device in JPG, PDF or PNG. You can print it in high resolution and laminate it if you wish.

Editable green pass for access to a venue

Create COVID certificate banners with online editable templates.

If you are a journalist, copywriter or blogger and you want to write an article containing relevant information about COVID certificates, we have created for you a library of horizontal banners so that your publication causes a pleasant visual impact, arouses clicks and interest in your readers.

You will be able to create the image in high resolution and in a matter of seconds, after customizing it to your liking and taking as a reference the needs of the article. Forget about Photoshop and opening and closing other heavy and cumbersome editing programs. With EDIT.org you will do it all with a few clicks and save a lot of time.

Editable covid passport - green pass

Create a poster informing about the necessary COVID forms.

Access to the premises in many countries is only allowed to customers or visitors in possession of a coronavirus VACCINATION CERTIFICATE. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to fill out a "health declaration form". Other times it is necessary to show one of the following documents:

With EDIT.org you can create these posters and customize them with your company's corporate fonts and colors. Even if you work in a medical center and you need to classify the vaccines that the nurses will inject to the patients, we offer you professional labels and vaccine identification cards in which you will be able to indicate:

With our editable templates, customizing the forms and labels with the logo of your medical center or facility is as easy as a click. You don't need any computer knowledge because our editor is very intuitive.

Start now to create your poster, passport or COVID form and have it customized to your liking in seconds!

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Edit a COVID template