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Designs for Churches online

Designs for Churches online
Designs for Churches online

Designs for Churches online

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Times are changing and now everyone is moving on the Internet, if you want to attract a large crowd of parishioners, we recommend that you do it online, with celestial designs that will not go unnoticed by your community.

Nowadays it is not easy to be up to date in all aspects, especially in technology because it is very changeable. That is why it is sometimes difficult to adapt to new times. Posting posters around the neighborhood with the most important Church events is fine, but if you really want to reach as many people as possible and create a community that interacts with each other and with you, social networks are the best. Every day, more and more millions of people join social networks and use them every day, so if your goal is to reach a large crowd, don't think about it and start using them.

Managing the social networks of your Church is not as difficult as you expect, with the right tool you can have a professional profile and generate a lot of interactions with your followers. The first thing you have to think about is where your audience will be. In general, and based on previous studies we know that most of the target audience uses Facebook as the first social network followed closely by Instagram, so we recommend you to focus on creating content for these networks. Don't panic, creating content is much easier than you think thanks to programs like EDIT.

EDIT is an online image and graphic design editor, which has been created so that everyone can access the world of design even if they have no idea. Its operation is based on the use of templates with professional designs (created by a team of graphic designers) that are fully editable and customizable easily and quickly, from the same editor. Our mission is to democratize the world of graphic design for all, so we have taken into account different niches of the population that may need this service. The churches are one of the most important since they carry out a great number of events and celebrations.

In the editor, you will find a collection of designs that have been created specifically for churches, which you can use just by changing the text and adding the name or logo of your church. With these simple changes, you would already have a design ready to be shared, but if you want to go further, you can also change the background image, typography, colors ... in short everything that appears in the template can be modified.  In addition, in the editor, you can also find Premium packs, with designs that follow the same pattern with different motifs. These are packs with designs that address different needs such as masses with special events (Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving ...) as well as other events such as can be left of young people, left to study the Bible, motivational phrases for the faithful ... etc.. With the Premium packs your social networks will look very professional, because by following the same line of design in all the templates, your profile will also be very professional, being also very easy to recognize by followers.  

Sharing the designs in the networks is very easy, once you have created the design you like and you have it in the size you want, you only have to download the design in the format you need (.jpg, .png, .pdf). We recommend that you download it in .jpg to upload it to the nets. Also depending on the social platform in which you want to post, you can adapt the size of the template and the content will adapt automatically, to avoid the images being cut or pixelated when uploading.

All the designs are also ready to print, just download them in .pdf format. In this way, in addition to designs for social networks, you can also create posters and flyers with which you will catch the attention of those faithful who don't use social networks. Adapting to new technologies doesn't mean leaving aside the old ones, looking for a combination between both is perfection.

Now it's your turn, create the best designs for online churches with EDIT. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to write, we will be happy to help. We would love to know that your church has grown thanks to the designs, please don't hesitate to tell us.

Edit this Church design
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