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Edit a First Aid template

Printable First Aid Posters to edit online

Editable posters to create basic first aid directions and procedure guides with editable online templates from the EDIT.org graphic editor.

Edit a First Aid template

Create a printable first aid poster for school, sports club or workplace with customizable templates from our online editor.

First Aid Word Day banner to edit online


Basic first aid for companies and schools

First aid is the first action that people can take to help an injured person or a person who suddenly suffers a heart attack or some other type of unexpected ailment or illness.

Having a basic knowledge of this type of assistance can be extremely important in saving lives.

Customizable poster with First Aid Kit icon to edit online


Create a first aid poster for emergencies

Use the editable templates in our editor to create informative posters for office employees, school educators, sports club leaders, or the people who use the space where they spend their day.

Hang these posters at visible points to train people to learn how to administer first aid until medical assistance or professional help arrives.

Poster with the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) steps


How to make first aid posters with the online editor EDIT.org

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on any image on this page
  2. Edit the first aid template of your choice
  3. Save your changes online in the editor
  4. Download your custom poster image as a JPG, PNG or PDF.

First Aid Guide customizable poster with the Red Cross to custom online


Use the signs to mark the emergency first aid kit

Another important element in case of emergency is the existence of a first aid kit with the necessary elements to help someone in case of minor injuries. Indicating its location and making it accessible to the users of the space can help a lot in these cases.

Create visible signs with indications of the existence and location of the first aid kit. You can print them out and hang them near, but also in the bathroom or in other places where people usually go for treatment, usually near a faucet or water fountain.


Use the first aid templates to print or share online

You can create your own instructions and infographic diagrams with medical and health icons to visually indicate the explanations of each aid procedure.

You can customize any of these templates and print them or send them online, share them by email, publish them on a digital network, etc. They could work as a small and basic health and safety training.

Enter the editor and edit your first aid posters with your logo, download and print them. In just a few minutes you can help save lives.

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Edit a First Aid template