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Edit a design for Women's Equality Day

Free templates to promote Women Equality Day

Make the best designs for Women's Equality Day on August 26 at EDIT.org. Find out free printable templates to customize in minutes online.

Edit a design for Women's Equality Day

Create the most inspiring designs to empower women. Find dozens of customizable templates on EDIT.org.

Editable National Women's Rights Day template


Create Designs for Your Business to Promote Women Empowerment

Despite living in an advanced society, women still experience adversity in many fields. We live in a world where we have advanced smartphones, self-driving cars, and AI robots. Yet, women still encounter difficulties in many areas of society, such as education, the workforce, and sports - just to name a few.

Apart from the International Women's Day celebrated around the globe on March 8, Women Equality Day is also celebrated in the United States every August 26 to remember the beginning of women's suffrage in 1971. Not only does it commemorate the US 19th Amendment about the equal right to vote, but it also intends to stress the need to fight for equal rights in all scopes of society. 

Although equality must be claimed daily, many institutions and businesses celebrate this date, either by making a post for social media only to inform about it or by organizing events or launching offers. In any case, creating designs to celebrate this occasion can be very positive to cultivate women's empowerment within your organization.

Design content to help inspire the next generation of feminists and social activists with EDIT.org customizable templates. Find out the best templates from Women's Equality Day, as well as related inspirational poster or banner templates.

Free template about Women's Equality Day


Edit free templates to empower women at EDIT.org

  1. Click on any image of this article or go to the editor to get started
  2. Choose the design you like the most to promote your cause
  3. Edit it with other images, colors, logo, fonts, or texts
  4. Save the composition
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Also at EDIT.org, find specific designs for International Women's Day on March 8.

Free banner template for Women's Day on August


More data about gender equality

Customizable Women’s Equality poster to print


Ideas to Empower Women in the Workforce through design

For this particular day, customize free banner, flyer, poster, infographic or card templates. As mentioned, if you run a small business such a store, also find designs for your offers, discounts, or organized activities. 

Apart from mentioning everything related to your business, you can also share relevant data on the issue and thus get your business to join the fight to gradually eliminate the problem. Here there are some content ideas:

Custom sign on Women's suffrage conference


Share or print Inspiring Women Empowerment content

Social media has the power to not only connect us but to bring awareness to such crucial injustices that women encounter on a global scale, so it would be crucial to make specific designs to share related data and provide useful knowledge to your followers.

Once you finish the design, save it on your user account to keep editing it later or create copies. For instance, you can reuse a flyer template to create a banner to share online. 

Start creating meaningful content to promote women empowerment within your business. Check out
EDIT.org graphic editor for free and customizable templates to empower the next generations of feminists.

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Edit a design for Women's Equality Day