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Guidelines to Creating the Best Facebook Cover

Guidelines to Creating the Best Facebook Cover
Guidelines to Creating the Best Facebook Cover

An image is everything on social networking platforms. If you've ever spent time managing either your personal or business social network platforms, you're familiar with the hours spent creating and editing posts for social media. While editing these posts, there's a good chance you've encountered the common problem of designing a great Facebook cover photo only to find that the on the mobile version the image is off center and awkwardly cut. It's a common mistake that can be easily overlooked. In order to avoid making this mistake, take a look at our guide of recommended sizes article for social media posts.

Today, we will dive into how to design and create your own Facebook cover that will not only look great on any device but also will take little to no time at all to create. Thanks to our free graphic design software, you will have all the necessary tools to create any image you need in only a few minutes. With EDIT you can also allow any member of the team to review or design the images you need, even if they have no design experience.

Facebook Cover Elements:

We look forward to seeing where your creativity takes you and how your designs turn out!


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