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Guidelines to create the best Facebook cover

Guidelines to create the best Facebook cover
Guidelines to create the best Facebook cover

Guidelines to create the best Facebook cover

Design a Facebook cover

Creating a Facebook cover image for your business is not as straightforward as it might seem. It must convey the professionality of the services offered and be eye-catching at the same time. For this reason, here we explain some tips to enhance your Facebook cover and get the attention of possible future customers.

An image is everything in the online field. Should have you ever spent time managing your personal or business social network platforms, you will be aware of the amount of time needed to create online content. Among all the possible problems that might appear while editing social media posts, there's the size problem, especially for cover images. In the case of Facebook, the cover photo on the mobile version is weirdly cut, so the probabilities to be overlooked are high. Then, to avoid making this mistake, take a look at our guide of recommended sizes article for social media posts.

For this reason, we will dive into how to design and create your Facebook cover that will not only look great on any device but also will take little time to be done. Thanks to EDIT's free graphic design software, you will get a professional picture in a few minutes with no previous experience in design. With EDIT, you can also allow any member of your team to review or edit all images.

Facebook cover elements:

We also highly recommend you to design banners, posters, or social media images with the same colors, text fonts and elements to create a corporate image to which customers can feel identified. Visit the editor now and start creating!


Design a Facebook cover
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