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Edit a poster against workplace harassment

Custom workplace and sexual harassment posters

Use EDIT.org's pre-designed templates to create a poster against sexual and workplace harassment at work. Edit and print it in a few clicks.

Edit a poster against workplace harassment

Create custom anti-harassment posters on EDIT.org to hang in your workplace.

Editable poster to prevent sexual harassment


Create a poster about sexual harassment for your business

Although it may seem impossible to many in the 21st century, sexual and workplace harassment is still a reality in all parts of the world. Although both men and women can experience this sort of violence for different reasons, many reports indicate the main victims are women: it is estimated that 38% of women are sexually harassed throughout their working careers.

Part of the problem is that this sort of behavior is often not identified by either employees or managers themselves and only a few companies implement a campaign or action plan to curb this type of situation.

Disseminating a series of guidelines and tools against harassment, as well as providing help to victims or taking a stand against such violence, is essential to create a favorable working environment and state that any harassment will be severely punished.

Create anti-sexual and workplace harassment posters at EDIT.org from pre-designed templates you can customize online to fit your business's prevention policies.

Customizable anti sexual harassment poster


Edit harassment poster templates at EDIT.org

  1. Click on a template in the article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select a poster to edit
  3. Modify texts, images, logo, typography, and elements if necessary
  4. Save the layout
  5. Download the final result for printing

Free workplace harassment flyer and poster templates


Print your sexual harassment posters for workplace

In your designs, write the actions to follow if someone is harassed, definitions of the different types of workplace violence, or guidelines on what to do in case of witnessing harassment towards a colleague. You can also add a clear and brief phrase that conveys a clear message against mobbing.

In terms of design, use light colors and a few elements or images if your composition has a lot of text. On the contrary, if you intend to make a design with a short and direct message, use more vivid colors to attract attention. In any case, don't forget to provide contact information in case the workers need it.

Remember that you can save your designs in the user profile to continue editing them at another time or create copies of them. Download them whenever you need them in PDF, JPG, or PNG format to print or share on social networks.

Editable sexual harassment banner

Start creating an anti harassment poster with EDIT.org's editable templates.

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