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Edit a Mind Map template

Mind Map. Free online editable templates and examples

Use this mind mapping software with lots of templates to visualize your ideas with the best design; free online maker and super easy to use!

Edit a Mind Map template

Make a mind map from a free template and export it in JPG, PNG or PDF to print or share with your team of collaborators or students. Free online process.

Mind map for editing and entering your own data

Editable templates to make beautiful and original mind maps.

A mind map is a diagram or scheme that allows you to represent concepts to link them through a keyword (or signs, drawings...) seeking to associate concepts that lead to achieve the goal set.

If you want to improve your lifestyle or progress economically in your work, elaborate these maps will help you. Because they will make you understand, in a visual and clear way, each step you need to take. It's like creating a key with which you can open the door you set out to open.

If you have too many ideas in your head, too many concepts, these maps "clean" and clear the way to your goal.

How to make a mind map? Normally the process of transforming a mind map into a visual diagram is a complicated one, but with EDIT.org you will be able to create maps easily and quickly, without the need of Photoshop or design apps. The process is completely online.

The result will have a perfect balance between professionalism and functionality. We assure you that it is easier to create a mind diagram with our free editable templates than with a Word document. Try us and you won't believe it! In less time than it takes you to make a coffee, you'll have it ready to print or share in digital format.


Do-it-yourself mind map


Try EDIT.org's mind mapping software.

It sounds difficult but it's too easy. It will take seconds - just take a look!

  1. Click on an image in this article or go to the editor to choose the map template you like best
  2. Customize your choice to your tastes and needs. Change colors, texts, fonts, use your own images...
  3. Save the scheme you have made. Then you can incorporate any modification or share it with your team and add ideas
  4. Download it in JPG, PNG or PDF to share it on your social networks, blog, articles or print it in high qualit.

Simple mind map to include online data


Examples and ideas to create your mind map.

Mind maps are perfect for organizing your goals and reminding you of the process when you feel lost. Creating creative mind maps as a team fosters empathy and helps you come up with new ideas. Bring your projects and interests to life by making all the mind mapping you need with our editable templates. With them you will be able to:

Before doing it, determine the concepts and ideas in hierarchical order. During the elaboration process you will be surprised to discover how they are interrelated and you will know better the process until the end. 
With EDIT.org's editable templates you will reduce the time of elaboration and planning of projects or advertising: we have thousands of editable solutions for your company. For example, you can create perceptual positioning maps or value proposition canvases.

Mind map to make online


Mind map design on line: get your goals.

Creating it is like taking a few steps back or climbing a mountain in order to see "the big picture". From the top you will clearly distinguish the exit of the labyrinth. You will understand, through branches, the process and you will unravel and identify each component and step you need to take until you reach your goal.

Our team of experts has created dozens of editable map templates to help you. Just select the template you like, edit the texts and design the map. When finished, export it in JPG, PNG or PDF and download it in high quality to print or share digitally via Facebook, web or wherever you want.

Start creating your mind map now, you'll see how fun and easy it is!

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Edit a Mind Map template