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Empathy map. What it is and how to create one online.

Better understand your clients and create your personalized Empathy Maps for free with the editable online templates of the graphic editor EDIT.org

Edit an Empathy Map

Do you want to better understand your ideal type client? Create an Empathy Map with the customizable online templates of our graphic editor and get empathize with your potential clients.

Customer Empathy Map canvas template to create a persona definition online

What is an empathy map and what is it for?

It is a visual scheme with questions about the ideal target customer of a specific product or service of our company: What does he think and feel, what does he see, what does he hear, what does he say and do, what efforts does he make and what results do he expect?

It serves to better understand this prototype of person and therefore to be able to better satisfy her needs and communicate by empathizing with her as much as possible. This canvas helps to reflect on how the inputs from the environment affect her and the internal emotions she experiences. This approach is intended to be deeper than other more superficial canvases, so it is important to take it as one of the starting points to identify what this user persona is like.

The user persona (also called the buyer persona) is a concept that is closely linked to the empathy map and that helps to put this person in context:

WHO are we empathizing with?

Online customer Empathy Map sample template to edit online for free


What is the structure and blocks of the empathy map?

The empathy map has a structure made up of 6 blocks of questions:

1. What does he THINK and FEEL?

2. What does he SEE?

3. What is he LISTENING to?

4. What does he SAY and DO?

5. Which are his PAINS?

6. Which are his expected GAINS?

Empathy Map template example with a cool design to edit online for free

How to create an empathy map? (with editable templates online)

Do you want to create your own Empathy Map? Do you need a blank template to print? Would you rather edit the template online and save each version?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on any map in this article
  2. Select the Empathy Map design you want
  3. Customize the map with your logo, texts, corporate colors, photos, etc ...
  4. Save changes online in the same editor
  5. Download your Empathy Map for free in JPG, PNG or PDF


Examples of empathy maps

An example of an empathy map applied to the client

Let's put an easy to understand example:

An Italian food restaurant on the seafront of the Costa Brava, in Spain, where the ideal summer clients for this trattoria are tourists who travel in groups (mainly families), have a medium-high purchasing power, and between 1 and 3 children. The target is the parents of these families (who are the main decision-makers of the group).


1. What do they THINK and FEEL?

Your family gives meaning to your life. They are concerned that they will not be able to enjoy their children during the work year and want to spend a memorable time on vacation with their children.

2. What do they see?

See what other families are doing, both in their environment of friends and family and on social networks. They see restaurants in the area that seem appetizing but not all create a family atmosphere with the lights, the music, the treatment and the views.

3. What are they LISTENING to?

They hear proposals from the hotel where they are staying, and previously heard opinions from their friends who have already traveled to the same destination. They read opinions about restaurants on google, social networks and other applications. They also listen to the wishes of their children, who like pizzas.

4. What do they SAY and DO?

They say they want to spend some quiet time with their family, but making the most of their time without risking too much in their choices. They say they want to eat well and walk along the beach promenade.

5. What EFFORTS do they make?

They are willing to pay a little more for the experience (food, space, treatment, location…), but they don't want to have to search a lot or drive, since they are on vacation. They want something near their hotel.

6. What RESULTS do they expect?

They want to find quality restaurants, with good food, good treatment, a casual but at the same time formal and professional atmosphere (and preferably with live music at the end of the night).


Hopefully this example will serve as a guide to create your Target Empathy Map. You can define 2 or 3 ideal clients for the same product or service and create the corresponding Empathy Maps for each one.


Use the Empathy Maps templates to print or edit online

In addition, your maps are saved online in the editor, so you can access them from any device from anywhere in the world. You only need to register with your email, without having to download any program, easier than Word and better than Photoshop.

Enter now the graphic editor EDIT.org and personalize, edit and download your Empathy Maps for free to better understand potential customers of your products and services.

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