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Edit a sales funnel design

Customize sales funnel templates online

Use EDIT.org's free templates to create your business model's sales funnel. Edit and download them in minutes.

Edit a sales funnel design

Edit a free EDIT.org template to plan your business sales funnel in just a few minutes.

Custom lead generation funnel template


Create your business sales pipeline template online

Analyzing the sales funnel of your business will be essential if you work in ecommerce. It is about planning all the processes and stages of sales and contact with the user until a final milestone is reached. Each funnel is different depending on the objective of the company, its industry and the market in which it operates, although we can distinguish the following stages in most of them:

  1. Awareness and interest: the customer is reached through advertising or promotion and interest is generated towards the brand to make them aware of the products or services offered.
  2. Interaction: a link is established with the customer while convincing him/her that the product offered is the best. Communication through different channels increases until a certain level of trust is generated.
  3. Conversion: there is a purchase.
  4. Loyalty: based on retaining the customer, keeping them satisfied and consolidating their relationship with the company.

In short, these allow us to get to know the customer better in order to subsequently personalize the services offered, as well as to establish marked procedures for action.

Find in EDIT.org customizable templates to create your company's sales funnel easily and in minutes. Find other amazing templates such as communication plan templates, value proposition canvas designs and customer experience map templates.

Editable marketing sales funnel templates


Edit a blank funnel template on EDIT.org

  1. Click on a design in this article or go to the editor
  2. Select the template you want to edit to create your funnel
  3. Customize it with other colors, elements, text, etc.
  4. Save the layout
  5. Download the final result to share online or print

Sales pipeline stages template to edit online


Free designs to make free marketing funnel templates

On the editor, you will find funnels of four, five, six, seven and up to eight levels so you can customize the one you need. In any case, change the names of each process and insert those that fit your business model.

Change the colors, insert your logo, modify the fonts and text sizes and insert other icons that facilitate the user's quick understanding. In a few minutes, you will have your design ready with a professional result adapted to what you were looking for.

B2b sales funnel template


Customize your ecommerce sales funnel template and download it

Once the editing process is finished, save the edited template in your user profile to continue editing it at a later time or to create copies of it. This will be useful if you need to create several funnels for different processes or customer types. You will be able to download your designs in the highest quality and in the format you need (JPG, PNG or PDF).

Custom simple sales funnel template

Start now with your sales funnel on EDIT.org's online graphic editor!

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Edit a sales funnel design