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Edit an ecomap design

Customize free ecomap templates online

Create free eco-maps using EDIT.org templates, easy to customize online with your data in a few minutes for printing.

Edit an ecomap design

Create free eco-maps using EDIT.org's easy-to-customize templates. Edit all text boxes with your data and add all elements, colors, and fonts you want.

Editable eco map social work template


Customize a family ecomap template

At EDIT.org, we have created the best customizable templates for you to create an ecomap in less than a minute. It will take you as long as it takes you to fill the text boxes! You only have to write in the editable parts of the design, as if you were working with a Word document, but with a much more attractive final graphic result.

Ecomaps were developed by Dr. Ann Harman in 1975. They are a practical and versatile method of data collection and presentation. An eco-map is the graphical representation that shows, in a visual way, the most fundamental systems in an individual's life. They are used in fields such as psychological counseling, social work, family medicine, by students and teachers, and even by writers and screenwriters to develop the characters they create in the field of fiction.

With the free ecomaps we have designed, you can:

Find other templates in the same editor you may find useful, such as designs for mind maps, user experience maps, empathy maps, and even perceptual positioning maps.

Free editable ecomap template for companies


Customize an eco map template at EDIT.org

See how easy it is:

  1. Click on an ecomap template of this article. You can also go to the editor and choose another one that suits your purpose.
  2. Customize whatever you want: text, photos, fonts... There are no limits
  3. Save your eco-map. You can make changes online later without having to start from the beginning
  4. Print the result with high resolution or share it online in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

Customizable blank ecomap template social work


Download your printable ecomap template

We want you to create all the ecomaps you need in seconds and in a simple way. To do so, we have created for you an intuitive online editor. When you enter it, it will be like when you open your toolbox: you will know where every tool you need is. You will know how to do everything without reading a heavy guide. You will click and double-click for a few minutes, and while having fun, you will have your professional ecomap ready. You can print it in high resolution or include it in your university papers and medical reports.

You can also save your creation so that other team members can collaborate and contribute data, ideas, or suggestions. You can also create copies of a saved template, so you don't have to start from scratch every time you edit a map.

Go to the editor now and customize your eco-map for free!

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Edit an ecomap design