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Editable templates to create a perceptual positioning map

Customize now a free perceptual map on EDIT.org from editable online templates. It's very easy!

Edit a perceptual map

Creating professional perceptual maps and downloading them in high quality is very easy with the free EDIT.org graphic editor. 

Create a Marketing Positioning map with this template for free and online

Open your customers' eyes! Help them discover how consumers value their brand, service or company over the competition. Show them the way to grow. Here we offer you a bunch of templates so you can make them in different formats such as presentations, posters or banners and you can share them in high quality JPG, PDF or PNG and distribute them in a post, email or on Pinterest and other social networks. Check out these perceptual maps we have selected for you!


Perceptual maps for marketing and university professionals, professors and students

After a rigorous study, the perceptual maps we offer at EDIT.org contain the right formats and parameters to be displayed in events where high professionalism is required as well as in university circuits: both for teachers and students. With our templates your level will be that of an expert.

Marketing positioning map for a brand, to edit online for free

Create a personalized perceptual map online

Just follow these 5 easy steps to quickly get your perceptual map online:

  1. Click on any image of this article to open the editor and create your perceptual map.
  2. Select an option from our extensive library of professional templates.
  3. Upload your own images and use different colors and fonts to make your brand positioning map achieve greater visual impact.
  4. Save your design and download it. You will be able to share it with whoever you want. 

Create a perceptual map with this editable template to custom online and print

Create a perceptual map with EDIT.org's editable templates.

Impress your clients.

Do you have an important meeting? Do you want your proposals, ideas and professionalism to be appreciated even more during your presentation? Do you want your message to reach your client's intelligence in a visual and direct way? A perceptual map is the essential graphic tool that your customers need to easily understand the real situation of your brand in relation to the competition.

Why is someone else preferred rather than choosing him? What are the aspects that make the user or consumer decide to buy your competitor's products and not the ones you offer? You can show each point you want to make with our simple but professional templates. We haven't forgotten anything!

Perceptual map for fast food industry to edit online for free

It's your time.

At EDIT.org we have created customized templates for you so that you can easily, in just a few minutes, get a clear and professional perceptual map that will help you get your objective and conclusions across.


Why choose us?

We've done the tedious work for you!

At EDIT.org we have studied the most famous examples of positioning maps for various top brands so that you can show the best result in your meetings. You can also easily create price/quality positioning maps, for example. We have templates to create positioning maps for car brands, clothing brands, as well as a multitude of positioning map examples that will facilitate the creation process. 

At EDIT.org, you can even create empathy maps or buyer persona canvas as a complement to the perceptual mapping or product positioning map. We think about you and your success: that's why, during the process of creating the perceptual positioning map, you will find whatever you need in an intuitive and easy way.

You can also add your icon or signature to your perceptual map after customizing the template you have chosen with the pictures, fonts and colors you need. That way your template will have a personal touch that will distinguish it as your own creation.


Keys to perceptual maps

Today marketing positioning maps are highly valued by marketing, advertising, marketing consulting, business management or SEO managers. A positioning map is a key strategic support to advance against competitor brands. 

With EDIT.org's perceptual maps you will get your clients interested in your proposals and give them the possibility to make their brands prosper. 

Perceptual maps are the solution you rely on to analyze the brand and the competition in your client presentations. They will make you stand out. Because, by creating a market positioning map, you will help them to set as a goal that the positioning they want, matches the actual positioning that the consumer perceives when valuing their brand, services or company. 


What position does your brand want to occupy?

If you are a marketing student or professional, you know that you have to drive differentiation so that the brand you work for triumphs over the competition and manages to lead the sector.

A perceptual map, in addition to showing the benefits that differentiate brands from the point of view of the customer or user, also serves to enter the brain of consumers and plan effective marketing strategies that manage to increase, in the consumer's mind, the quality of the service or products offered, without even making significant changes in the development or services of the company.

To find out what to improve or transform, a group of people are randomly selected and asked to relate a series of qualities or adjectives to their own products and those of the competition. The process of the responses of this group of people will yield data and conclusions that cannot be considered completely accurate but can be approximate in order to draw up an initial perceptual map and take the first steps along the way.

The correct process would be to study questionnaires in which the users of the brands we are going to examine could rate them honestly. With that data in hand, we could then develop an effective marketing plan and perceptual map.


Start now to create your first perceptual map with our expert templates - it's easy!

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Edit a perceptual map