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Edit a Value Proposition Canvas

Free customizable Value Proposition canvas templates

Create an editable Value Proposition canvas online with the free canvas templates from the graphic editor EDIT.org.

Edit a Value Proposition Canvas

Create a Value Proposition canvas to analyze the Customer Segment and design products and services that correspond to the needs of that typical customer. Use the templates to edit online from our editor EDIT.org.

The Value Proposition Canvas printable template to edit online and customize for free


What is a Value Proposition canvas?

It is a canvas or schematic template that is used to analyze a typical customer segment and a value proposition in response to their needs.

It is very useful for the sharing of the definition of key points of the value proposition of a product or service of our company. In other words, it serves to clarify the benefits that we can bring to a specific type of person in a specific situation and / or moment.

It is a tool that today is considered basic for the design of the value proposition of a product or service of a company, especially when they are new.

Value Proposition canvas template design to edit online for free


Create a Value Proposition canvas with editable templates from EDIT.org

Creating your own canvas for each product or service that you want to launch on the market is very easy and fast if you use the editable templates of our editor.

We have created versions with different formats and colors for you to choose from. It's as easy as editing a word document, but with the visual and graphic quality of Photoshop.

In addition, you can create as many versions as you want and open them from any device, since the editing program and the canvas designs are stored in the cloud, that is, always accessible online.

Customizable Value Proposition Canvas template with examples

How to edit Value Proposition canvas templates in EDIT.org

Follow these steps:


Sections of a Value Proposition canvas explained

The Value Proposal Canvas consists of two sections, within which there are three subsections:


Customer segment. What type of client are we targeting?


Value proposition. What do we bring to the client?


Use the Value Proposition canvas to print or share online

Use the canvas templates to print on paper and fill in by hand (or using postits), or you can fill the text fields in the same editor and directly download and share them by email, publish on social networks, upload on a web, or whatever. that you need.

Enter now the online creator of Value Proposition canvases and create your canvas for free.

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Edit a Value Proposition Canvas