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Thanksgiving templates for promos and sales

Thanksgiving templates for promos and sales
Thanksgiving templates for promos and sales

Thanksgiving templates for promos and sales

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Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the US (but in the second Monday in October in Canada). It is a celebration day, but also where it begins the busiest season for retailers in USA! That’s why you’d love to use one of these thanksgiving promotion templates, ideal for offering your products or services during the whole week.

This is about having a feast with family and friends, with the traditional Turkey with yams, squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberries and other rich and filling foods rounding out the meal. So, it is a perfect moment to promote all these products and everything related with the decoration and table setting, like a wreath or centerpieces. But in addition to this, it’s a gathering event, so people worry about their outfit and look for special venues to have a good party at night.



Here are some templates designed for this moment:










In the graphic editor EDIT there are lots of templates which you can customize with thousands of fun and cool photos, cake illustrations, Turkey clipart and other resources, all of them copyright free.

All these images are editable templates, really easy to use, edit, download (in *.jpg, *.png or *.pdf), share, and print it in paper if needed. Just click in one of the pictures and you’ll see how it works. It is faster and easier than editing a Word document, without needing any designing skills, so you will have time for both promoting your business and enjoy this special day with your family.

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