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Creative block? Clear your mind!

At EDIT.org, we explain 10 simple tips to leave stress behind and find inspiration again in times of blockage. Discover inspirational designs for your business.

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Discover on EDIT.org the 10 best tips to get inspired again when you are blocked.

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How to get inspired again

For sure you've often had to restart your computer because it has overloaded and stopped responding. The process of closing and restarting the machine only takes a few minutes and allows the computer to start from scratch. The same thing sometimes happens with humans. We don't have a reset button, but several alternatives can help us overcome those moments of blockage.


10 tips to find inspiration in everyday life

1. Meditate: When was the last time you took a break to think about... nothing? Yoga or mindfulness are simple activities that can help you. These relaxation exercises allow you to order your thoughts and disconnect, in addition to obtaining a balance between body and soul to avoid infinite loops that block you and do not let you move forward.

2. Take a walk in nature. Walk aimlessly and just for pleasure. Do not look at the clock! Walk and enjoy everything around you. At some point, you will be able to disconnect from your worries and enjoy the scenery. Leave your cell phone at home or put it on airplane mode while you do it. We don't need distractions of this kind!

3. Always carry a notebook with you. You never know when a fleeting idea might pop into your head, so it's best to have a pen and paper handy to jot it down. At the end of the day, you'll find that in all the brainstorming, you'll get something out of it. What seems like a bad idea today may turn into something excellent tomorrow if you look at it from a different point of view.

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4. Read, read a lot. You can do 2 types of reading: read for fun (dive into one of those books that make you forget everything and never want it to end) or read for inspiration (soak up what you have a problem with, check blogs, read news about it, etc.).

5. Talk about the idea you have. Maybe you're so fixated on the flaws in your idea that you're not able to see the positive points. Talking about your problems out loud can make you realize what's wrong and what the solution is. Different perspectives will bring fresh air and can help you find other directions when you're stuck.

6. Keep your camera handy at all times. Take pictures of corners you've never stopped looking at before. By reviewing these photos, you will surely realize the little things that go unnoticed around us and the potential they can have. Maybe in some of them, you will find the long-awaited inspiration you are looking for!

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7. Look for inspiration in similar projects. Surf the Internet and search inspiration in similar things. Sometimes when we are stuck, we need a guide to know where to go from here. Don't be afraid to take ideas from other projects. You are not copying anything if you adopt them.

8. Simplify your to-do list. Surely, not all your ideas have the same importance. Some of lesser relevance may be occupying much of your time and thoughts, so you should not waste time on them. 

9. Put the 20% rule into practice. It is a widespread practice among employees of large companies such as Google. It consists of spending 20% of your time on things you like: when you are tired, stop whatever you are doing and go do what you are passionate about - painting with watercolors, doing a marathon of your favorite series, practicing any sport, etc. Take time for yourself! The next day you will surely take up your project with new eyes.

10. Rest. Are there days when you think it would have been better not to get up and all you want is to go to bed and wake up the next morning again? Well... that's just what you need to do! Sleep and rest. Many times we waste more time trying to do something when we are tired than the time it would take to do it the next day in a moment.

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Free editable templates to get inspired

While inspiration can strike suddenly, you can also go out and find it. Check out our editor where you'll find lots of templates to help you break through these blocks.

We also invite you to edit your photos using the program's image editing tools - we're sure you'll end up creating pieces of art!

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