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Creative block? Clear your mind!

In EDIT.org, find here 10 recommendations to overcome the moments of deadlock and find that spark of inspiration again.

Create a design

We all can be super creative, original and that type of person who always comes up with different views and ideas. But at some point, this desired inspiration may disappear, which can become a real problem in case your job or your spare time activities depend on it. Don’t worry! There exist many alternatives which can help us overcome the moments of deadlock and can help find that spark of inspiration again. Breath and relax!

10 tips to get inspiration

1. Meditation

When was the last time you took a breath to think of ... nothing? Practices such as yoga or mindfulness are very simple exercises that can help you. Both activities seek to give you a time in which you can order your thoughts and be able to disconnect. Achieve a balance between body and soul that allows you to have the thoughts organized so that they don’t collapse and you end up in the infinite loop that blocks you and doesn't let you progress.

2. Walk around the nature

A walk without a fixed direction, just for the pleasure of walking. Don’t look at the clock, just walk and enjoy everything around you. This will make you at some point get disconnected from your worries, so you will limit yourself to enjoy the landscape. And of course, leave the mobile phone at home or put the airplane mode while walking. We don’t want distractions of this type.

3. Always take a notebook with you

You never know when a fleeting idea can pass through your head, that's why it's better to have paper and pen on hand and write everything down. At the end of the day, you will realize that between chaos you get some light. What seems like a bad idea today may turn into something excellent tomorrow if you see it from another point of view.

4. Read, read a lot

You can do 2 types of reading: read for fun, which involves immersing yourself in one of those books that make you forget everything and you don’t want it to end, or reading to inspire yourself, which means consulting blogs, news or current events on the subject you want to learn about.

5. Talk to people about the idea that has blocked you

Perhaps you are so obsessed with the failures of your idea that you are not able to see the positive points. Saying problems aloud can help you to realize what's really going on: what's the problem and what's the solution. In any case, the point of view of the person will always bring fresh air and can help to get out of the well in which you find yourself trapped.

6. Always have your camera at hand

Start taking pictures of corners where you have never stopped to look before. When reviewing these photos, you will surely notice the little things that go unnoticed around us and the potential that they come to have. You might find the desired inspiration you are looking for.

7. Find inspiration in similar projects

Browse the Internet and look for inspiration in similar things. Sometimes when we are blocked, all we need is a bit of guidance to know where to go next. Don’t be afraid to take ideas from other projects, you are not copying anything.

8. Simplify your To-Do list

You must prioritize the tasks. Surely not of them are of the same importance, so start with the most relevant ones. Otherwise, they'll take up much of your time and will drive you crazy. Don’t waste time energy on things that do not matter at all.

9. Put the 20% rule into practice

Maybe you've never heard of it but it really is a widespread practice among the workers of big companies like Google. It consists of spending 20% of your time on things that you really like. So when you can not anymore, leave everything you're doing and go do what you're passionate about; paint with watercolors, binge-watch your favorite TV series or go for a run. It doesn’t matter it's time just for you. The next day, you will see the project with different eyes.

10. Rest well

There are days when you think it would have been better not to get up. All you want is to lie down and wake up the next morning... that's just what you have to do! Sleep and get some rest. Many times we waste more time trying to do something when we are stressed out than the time it would take to do it the next day in a moment.

You see, the worst thing you can do when you are blocked is to think that you are. Inspiration may suddenly appear, but you can also go out and look for it. Take a look at our editor, where you will find a section with images and lots of templates that will help you come up with a fantastic insight. 

Finally, we invite you to customize your own photos through the editing tools EDIT.org has at its disposal. Surely you will end up creating great pieces of art which will make your audience, boss or friends feel moved and touched. Are you ready? Try it now!

Create a design
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