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Edit a seating chart template

Free online custom seating charts editor

Edit a free template to create your wedding or event seating chart with EDIT.org graphic editor's customizable designs, ready to download in minutes.

Edit a seating chart template

Customize an EDIT.org template to create the perfect seating plan for your event.

Editable table plan template


Create a seating plan for your wedding or event

Organizing a wedding or any social event (birthday, grand opening, anniversary, etc.) is often a daunting process due to the number of details to consider. However, it can be fun and easier if you have some resources and materials to speed up the preparation.

Among many of the designs needed to set up an event, there is the seating plan. It is the seating arrangement for guests that is usually prepared in advance. It is placed at the reception entrance and allows guests to enter the hall already knowing where they will be seated. In addition, it is also a decorative element that shows the style of the event in question.

Customize your table seating chart with the free templates from EDIT.org and adapt them to the type of event you are preparing. At the editor, you will also find other designs for your parties and celebrations such as wedding invitation templates, wedding menu templates, or posters to advertise parties.

Free customizable table arrangement template


How to edit a seating chart template on EDIT.org

  1. Click on an image in this article to get started or go to the editor
  2. Choose the seating chart design you want to edit for your event
  3. Customize it according to your style or company
  4. Save the composition on your user profile
  5. Download and print the final result! Easy right?

Free seating plan template to edit online


Types of event or wedding seating chart templates

There are different ways to make your seating plan. You can customize a single template that simply associates each guest with their seat. While most of these designs group guests by the table, some corporate events list attendees in alphabetical order with their respective seats.

However, if you want to do something more elaborate, you can edit three types of templates and put them together: a "find your seat" design (with the bride and groom names in case of a wedding or the organizers' names), a design with the main table guests, and other individual designs with each table guests.

Wedding reception seating chart template


Customize a free seating chart template

As we have mentioned, your compositions' style and decorative elements depend on the type of wedding (more elegant, informal, etc.) or event (product launches, anniversaries, etc.). In any case, we encourage you to give your designs an original touch by adding elements representing you or your organization, whether they are colors, phrases, or icons.

There are more and more people who want to associate a country, flower, or movie name to each table, although there are always those who opt for something simpler and minimalist. If this is your case, you must play with typographies to achieve a good final result.

Customizable table seating template


Charts and find your seat designs to print

When you finish your seating chart, save the design in your user profile to continue editing it later or create copies of it. If, for example, you decide to make a separate document to indicate the guests at each table, use the same template by only changing the table number and the names of the attendees.

Once done, print the designs with maximum quality to hang at the entrance of the hall of the event. You can also hang them in a wooden frame, something very aesthetic that is becoming more and more fashionable as it gives the event a rustic and familiar style.

Start editing your seating plan now with the most original templates from EDIT.org's online graphic editor.

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Edit a seating chart template