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How to add watermark on photos

How to add watermark on photos
How to add watermark on photos

How to add watermark on photos

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Nowadays it’s very common to find all kinds of watermarked images. You've probably wondered more than once about the meaning of putting the watermark on such images and how you could do it. Next, we are going to try to solve all your doubts and encourage you to start implementing its use in your publications.

What is the use of a watermark?

The watermark is basically like a signature that accredits the rights of the image to its author. It is a kind of "seal", logo or signature that is placed superimposed on an image with transparency and usually in the outermost areas. In this way it does not impede the correct visualization of the image.

Watermarks basically serve two functions. The first is to protect the copyright of the image. By including this signature, you prevent the image from being used illegally or at least if you do so without your authorization, your name will be recognized.  

On the other hand, the use of the watermark is very useful for community managers who manage the social networks of a brand because through it, they get followers to associate the brand with a simple glance.

Precisely for this use it’s very important that the watermark does not interrupt the image; that is, you must place it in a sector that doesn’t interrupt the image. The best and most common place is in the lower right corner. Get used to placing it in the same place every time, so that when all your images are together and that the feeling is of order and cleanliness.

How to add the watermark to your images?

You can add your watermark very easily and quickly with EDIT, our online graphic design editor. Simply have the design of your logo or signature that you want to put and upload it to the editor.


By creating your own account you will be able to have an exclusive storage to which you can access from any device and access all the material you have saved.


In the "photos" section you can upload the images you want. Upload your logo too so you can always have it at hand.


In the editor, you will find hundreds of templates from different categories that you can use by customizing them with a single click to create the publication you want. If on the other hand you don't want to use any of the templates that we propose you and you want to start from scratch, you only have to select a blank canvas and the measurements.


Go to the photos section and click on the logo you've already uploaded. It will appear directly in your image. Now all you have to do is adapt it to the size you want and place it wherever you want (Remember! Place the mark where it can be seen but without disturbing the overall image). The last step is very simple, just click on the logo and adjust the opacity of it with the button that will appear at the top of the editor.

We recommend to lower the opacity because your logo is not the most important thing to highlight in the photo, but it is something that has to be there. In other words, it has to be seen but not highlighted.


Now all you have to do is save your creation and download it in the format you like (.png .jpg .pdf) and you're done!

As you can see, it's a very simple process but... it can still be more so! You can create a copy of the image you just created in "my designs" and use this copy as the template for a new publication. This way, you only have to change the background of the image and the text or other elements that it presents. Anything you don't modify will remain the same, i.e. you won't have to touch the watermark again.

When you enter the editor, you'll see all the possibilities it offers, both as templates with incredible designs and design resources. We encourage you to try it for sure you'll love how easy it is and how much time you'll save on creating all your social media images.

We look forward to seeing your designs here!

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