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Edit a MLK template

Customizable templates for Martin Luther King's day

Quotes with MLK photos on the background to edit online and create your own designs to celebrate this day.

Edit a MLK template

Choose from dozens of editable Martin Luther King templates to use on this special day. Create your own graphics and share them.


When do we celebrate MLK day?

MLK's day takes place on the 3rd Monday of January, in 2022 it will be on the 17th. Make sure you prepare your business, restaurant or bar with MLK's quotes like «I have a dream» or «The time is always right to do what is right». You can also host a trivia event with prizes to see who knows the most about this man and his influence in the world.

Editable flyer for martin luther king celebrations

Create customizable designs for Martin Luther King's Day

Martin Luther King, Jr was a baptist minister that defended the use of nonviolent methods to end the racial segregation that existed at the time. By organizing several peace protests as the leader of the american civil rights movement, he managed to get nominated to the nobel peace prize. Whether you are hosting an event or going to one, make sure you prepare for it by reading the history and the accomplishments of this man.

At EDIT.org you can create personalized designs for your Martin Luther King day celebrations. Browse through all of our free and customizable templates. Make sure you edit them to your preferences. 

Editable banner for mlk's day


How to edit MLK's Day templates and use it to promote your business

  1. Click on a design in this page or go to the editor to start creating.
  2. Select the design you like the most 
  3. Customize it with other colours, fonts, images and your logo
  4. Save the graphic template or design
  5. Print it or share it on your social media platforms

Editable banner for mlk celebrations with a quote for greetings


Create banners and flyers with MLK quotes for this special date

In order to promote the event that you will be hosting, create new flyers and banners with our editor. You can also use quotes about change, progress and even the inspirational quotes that this man said. After you've developed them on our website, make sure to share them on all your social media platforms and you can also print them.


Designs you can use four your new templates

In our editor you will find many designs such as templates with quotes like «We shall overcome» or «I have a dream». There are also plenty of MLK images with quotes in the background. The templates are 100% customizable so you will be able to develop it specifically for your business.

Edit one of the multiple free templates for MLK available for download on the editor now.

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Edit a MLK template