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Live event templates for social networks

Customize one of the following EDIT.org templates to promote your live event on social networks and recruit a large number of users.

Create my live event design

Customize one of the following EDIT.org templates to promote your live event on social networks and recruit a large number of users.

Customize live event invitation templates

If you are organizing a webinar, a talk, a theatre show, a sports event, a concert, or even a digital event for gamers, communicate it in advance and in an effective way. The best communication to capture your audience is online, using your newsletter or your social networks.

A broader outreach can turn into more customers and sales, and that is why you should advertise your live event in advance. Insert the corporate colors of your personal brand, the desired text, and your logo in a few minutes.

The key to successful live streaming assistance on networks like Instagram or Facebook is good communication, with the right image for each message, so we have prepared some tips and templates to promote the event in the best way possible. We also recommend other networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or even YouTube with which you will quickly reach your audience.

EDIT.org editable designs for live events

Last but not least, the best recommendation is to repeat the same event format often: every week, every month, every 1st Thursday of the month, etc., to make the most of all the effort and experience you have had. In terms of design, you can edit the same promotional template and adapt it to the new event.

If you want to monetize, we recommend preparing coupons or discount vouchers for attendees. They can help increase the sales of your business since they will be more predisposed to acquire your products or services. Create a special offer or promotion that fits with the experience you prepare, be it a workshop or a live presentation.

If you also want to improve the image or reputation of your brand, invite leading people within your sectors such as sponsors, influencers, or bloggers, and offer them coupons or tickets for their followers and multiply the reach. You can connect your channel with other people at some point during the live event to be more dynamic and to also get followers from this other person's channel. Finally, you can also or promote an upcoming exhibition, conference, or any other experience you propose.

Edit a template for your event with EDIT.org

EDIT.org is very easy to use, and you can adapt templates to all formats of social networks in a single click since the sizes for each post are predefined in the graphic editor. Edit a live event design now! You will be amazed at how fast you can create your promotional designs. EDIT.org allows you to spend more time on what really matters, which is making the event a success!

Create my live event design
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Create my live event design
Create my live event design