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Edit a coworking space template

Templates to Create Ads for Coworking Spaces

Create ads to promote your coworking space online and energize your community with posters to print with the editable templates from the graphic editor, EDIT.org

Edit a coworking space template

Advertise your coworking space offers to attract new members to your space with the editable layout templates in our graphic editor EDIT.org. You can create them in a few minutes and save them online. Any member of your team can edit them from any device.

Editable banner template to announce coworking space offers


Create an advertisement design to promote your coworking space

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more necessary and popular for freelancers, startups, and other companies. It's a working model on the rise but with increasing competition. That's why announcing the existence of each new workspace is vital to fill it with new members.

Creating ads to promote your space online will help you make it known. You can advertise it on social networks, your corporate blog, or even create paid campaigns.

Designing these banners will be incredibly easy with the editable templates from our online graphic editor EDIT.org. Keep reading, we'll tell you how!

Editable template for coworking spaces to edit online


How to design posters for coworking spaces with the online editor EDIT.org

Design posters to print, banners for online advertising, or any type of creativity to spread the existence of your shared offices.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on any image in this article.
  2. Select the coworking template you want to edit
  3. Edit and customize the design (upload your logo, choose your corporate colors, etc).
  4. Save changes online.
  5. Download your design to your device in JPG, PNG, or PDF.


Posters and signs to energize the coworking community

In addition, at EDIT.org you'll also find everything you need to energize and communicate with the coworking community:


Enter the editor and create your ads, posters, and flyers for your coworking space and impress potential members with your new designs.

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Edit a coworking space template