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Designs for mechanical workshop promotions

Create posters and banners to promote your auto repair services with the ideas and editable templates of the online graphic editor EDIT.org

Edit a workshop template

Do you want to change the image of your workshop? Or modernize your communication to attract more and better customers? Create posters to promote your repair shop with ready-made designs you can adapt for your business. We explain how!

Editable banner template to promote your mechanical workshop


Create posters to promote the repair services of your mechanic shop

The key to converting potential customers to actual customers in a garage is the image that it looks from the outside. The first impression is not the only one that counts, but it does count for a lot.

We have studied the marketing and communication strategy of some workshops and have drawn some conclusions:

And some more tricks you can discover if you continue reading, but above all a very important one: the graphic communication line, that is, the visual aspect of all its communications, had the same style!

Surely you are already doing some of these things, but the most important one is not. Do you think it takes a long time to create your posters, flyers and social media posts with the same style and make it attractive? If you think so and want to get it fast but with a quality visual style, you are in the right place.

With the study we have done, we have created template designs you can edit and customize online in a few minutes for your car repair shop, totally free and with impressive designs. In addition, discover other designs related to the automotive field, such as editable templates for buying and selling cars.

Keep reading and create your new graphic communication in much less time than you might imagine.

Editable poster template to promote mechanical workshops


Design signs for your automotive workshop with editable templates

Do you want to grow your turnover with your maintenance and repair services and the sale of automotive basic products?

Create spectacular designs with pre-designed templates that you can use right now and customize for your auto shop in just a few clicks.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click any image in this item
  2. Select the workshop template that you like the most
  3. Edit and personalize the design with your logo, brand colors and even the typeface or typeface of your choice
  4. Upload your photos or choose from thousands of free photos from the editor
  5. Save changes online
  6. Download your poster ready to send to print or publish on your website or social networks

Auto repair services custom poster template to edit online for free

Do not wait more. Get to create a great first impact of your workshop and fill all the hours of your services, with better clients and of higher quality.

Create your first flyer or banner design for your auto mechanic shop.

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