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Edit a Hello Winter template

Editable images to welcome the First Day of Winter

Create an advertisement for the First Day of Winter in seconds with a free and customizable template with the high-quality online graphic editor EDIT.org

Edit a Hello Winter template

The cold and scarves are here! Create an advertisement for the First Day of Winter in seconds and for free with a customizable template from our high-quality graphic editor EDIT.org

Editable template for clothing store and the first day of winter.

Hello winter! First day of winter deals!

Do you want to create some offers in your business and brighten up your bank account? Do you want to celebrate an unforgettable party in your clothing store, nightclub or restaurant? Wish for a "Happy Winter Solstice!" your customers on social media and make their day? Whatever it is, EDIT.org is the perfect place to create messages, posters and even ... a snowman! You can share and download it as posters, banners, advertisements, postcards, etc., in high-quality JPG, PNG or PDF formats that you can distribute on your social networks.

Create offers and congratulations with the EDIT.org templates

  1. Click on any image in this article to enter the editor and image bank.
  2. Select the template that is perfect for your business.
  3. Customize the design of the greeting, invitation or offer for your business. You can incorporate photographs, change styles, backgrounds, fonts, add your own images, etc ...
  4. Save the changes in the online editor.
  5. Download your design to your computer, mobile or tablet and print it in high quality or share it on your corporate social networks.

Editable First Winter Day Party Advertising

Goodbye autumn, hello winter! It's time for a party...

It's cold but your heart is warm.
One of the best ways to deal with the onset of the cold is to celebrate a cozy party with your customers in order to build loyalty and bond. And every unforgettable party always starts the same way: when a beautiful invitation arrives with a message that brightens the day.
Our invitations even melt snowmen with love!
At EDIT.org, in addition to fantastic banners and posters with hundreds of ideas, we have designed greeting cards with which you will make your hearts smile.
We invite you to consider browsing through the library of templates that we have selected for you. Remember that you can change the phrases, images, typography and colors to your liking.

Editable First Day of Winter banner template at EDIT.org

Create business posters and graphics on the first day of winter.

Is there a word that consumers like more than the word "offer"? In this season you have to change your footwear ... Is there a shoe that you want to sell or promote more than another? A new season of clothing calls for passage: the fall season is no longer useful and the summer season has been well stored in the drawers of the wardrobes.
The new climate invites you to buy warm coats, thick pullovers, warm socks and scarves and hibernate at home ... or in the bars and restaurants in the mountains! With a good offer and our advertising posters that you can customize, your business will celebrate this new season with great sales. Trust us and ... your business will appreciate it! We’re glad you’re here!

Editable template to promote a bar on the first day of winter

Template ideas for parties and congratulations with phrases and images.

On these days of rain and cold, get your clients to leave the house and come to your business. This is not an impossible mission thanks to our ad templates. Consider browsing our template library. You will see how in a second you will find more than ten ideas for your business to shine in the middle of the snow as a mountain refuge where you can have a good time while drinking a mulled wine. Your audience will be wanting you to open the door to your place.

Create now a beautiful poster, an eye-catching offer or a warm greeting to make your customers' first winter day happier!


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Edit a Hello Winter template