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How to get more comments and traffic on your blog

Find out 10 practical tips to get more comments on your blog and improve your business or project image and reputation

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At EDIT.org, we explain 10 tricks to get more feedback on your blog posts and increase the popularity and reputation of your business or personal brand.

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Increase your blog's traffic organically

No matter how many hours you dedicate to your blog, and despite receiving visits, you may find yourself in a situation where you don't get any feedback from your readers. Google loves posts with a lot of comments, and it can be seen in its web positioning. Therefore, having the participation of your readers is essential for other users to get to know you.

Keep in mind most visitors to your blog will never comment, regardless of the content you offer. Statistics show that only 10% of blog readers have ever commented, and approximately 1% generate conversations with others.

So, it's normal your blog doesn't get as much comment traffic as you'd like, and even more so if you're just starting. However, several tricks can help you get more interactions on your posts - read on to find out more!


Tips to get more comments on you blog

  1. Ask your readers. I'm sure you've thought this is an absurd tip, but it never hurts to invite your readers to give their opinion. Making this call shows closeness and encourages those who are undecided to comment.
  2. Generate controversy. Try to mention something to debate that awakens the need to give a personal opinion. It is an infallible element to generate reactions, even though be careful in which fields you get into.
  3. Use a very personal tone. Blog entries must have a close tone as if it were a conversation in which you are telling something interesting to the other person. Do not use passive voice, technical terms (unless your target requires it, as in the case of video games), or long sentences (avoid subordinate phrases), ask questions to the reader, and use "your" whenever you can.
  4. Comment on other blogs. Commenting on blogs will help you to give visibility to your blog. The comments you make must be always "add value". That is to say, commenting on things like very good, visit my blog, or similar will not be productive at all. Read the whole post and make a contribution with which the rest of the readers can appreciate your knowledge on the subject and be interested in what you can offer them.
  5. Don't post too often. It seems counterproductive, yes, but the truth is that it works. The reasons why an article receives more comments are two: either because it appears on the first landing page page of the blog or because it is well-positioned and receives constant visits organically. In case you are a genius with SEO, then the second option will be for you. Otherwise, take advantage of the front page position of the articles. The more posts you publish, the less time each one will be on the front page.
  6. Do interviews. At least you will get a comment from the interviewee, and if the interview is interesting, you will also receive comments from their followers. It is an easy way to generate engagement, get visits, and have a greater reach in your publications.
  7. Get more traffic to your post. The more visits you have, the more likely you are to receive comments. Therefore, never forget to share your new post on different social networks and spread it as much as you can. Add buttons that allow readers to share your post easily.
  8. Reward the most original comment. It consists of holding a comment contest, rewarding the best contribution about the content of your post (you ensure its reading). This method is very effective and will also give you quality comments.
  9. Use graphic resources. Infographics, explanatory images, and videos will increase the interest in your posts exponentially.
  10. Respond to all comments. We end the list with something as obvious as the first point, but that is not always taken into account and is essential. The blog is a space for conversation, so always try to answer to commenters in a way that brings new things that have not been mentioned in the post. 


Free editable templates for your blog banners

We can not force people to comment on our blog, but we can make it more attractive so that they pay more interest and encourage them to comment in the long run.

On our EDIT.org editor, you can create all the images for your blog, from infographics or banners to other static graphic resources you need. In addition, you can easily add your brand logo so that if these images are shared, they will promote your blog at the same time.

There are no more excuses to turn your blog posts into a discussion forum. Get started now!

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