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How to get more comments and traffic on your blog

 How to get more comments and traffic on your blog

You dedicate hours and hours to your blog and in spite of receiving visits, you do not get any kind of feedback from readers, which makes you think that you are not offering anything interesting on it. Or, more importantly, Google loves blogs with many comments and this is reflected in how they positioning them. If a post is relevant, many people will be interested and will generate comments on it, therefore it will be very well positioned.

Most visitors to your blog will never comment, regardless of the content you offer. Statistics show that only 10% of readers have ever commented and approximately only 1% are those that generate conversations.

Therefore, it is totally normal that your blog does not have as much comment traffic as you would like and with more reasons if you are starting. However, there are a number of tricks that can help get  a lot of comments  We want to share them with you:


  1. Ask your readers. (Buuuhhh) Surely you have thought that what a useless advice. It never hurts to invite readers to give their opinion, making this call shows closeness and encourages those who are undecided to comment.
  2. Generate controversy. Try to include an element of debate that makes you wake up the need to give personal opinion. It is an infallible element to generate reactions, but be careful to what terrain you get into.
  3. Use a personal tone. The blog entries must have a close tone as if it were a conversation in which you are telling something interesting to the other person. Remember:
    • Do not use the passive voice.
    • Do not use technicalities (unless your target requires it, for example, video game blog)
    • Short phrases. Avoid subordinate sentences as much as possible.
    • It sends many questions to the reader. How about?
    • Use "you" whenever you can, it is a resource to attract the attention of the reader.
  4. Comment on other blogs. Commenting on blogs will help you to give visibility to your own. It is important that the comments you make are always to "add value" to the posts of colleagues. That is, commenting things like “very good post, please visit my blog” or similar will not be anything productive. It is best that you read the entire post and make a contribution with which other readers can appreciate the knowledge about the subject and are interested in what you can offer in your own blog.
  5. Do not post very often. It seems crazy and counterproductive, but the truth is that it works! If you think about it … The reasons why an article receives more comments are basically two:
    • It is the first article and therefore appears on the cover, so it's normal to receive a large number of  visits.
    • It is very well positioned and receives many visits in a constant organic way.Controlling SEO is not for everyone, it is quite complicated. In case you are a genius with it, the second option will be for you. But otherwise (most of the rest of the mortals) we will have to take advantage of the position on the cover of the articles. The more articles you post, the less time each one will be on the landing page. It is important that you keep it in mind.
  6. Make interviews. The interviews are useful simply because at least we will have a comment from the interviewee. If in addition, the interview is interesting you will also receive comments from followers interviewee. It is a very easy way to generate engagement, you will get more visits and a large scope in the publications.
  7. Get more traffic to your post. Before we talked about the statistics of the number of people commenting on the posts. It's a very low number, but the large number of people we get to read it, the more likely we are to receive comments. Therefore, never forget to share a new post on different social networks and spread everything you can. You can also add the buttons that will allow readers to share the post directly on their social networks
  8. Reward the most original comment. It consists of holding a comment contest, rewarding the best or original contribution in relation to the content of the post (so you can be sure that they read it). This method is very effective and also will provide you with quality comments.
  9. Use graphic resources. A good infographic, explanatory images and videos will make the interest in your posts increase exponentially. Explain what we want to say accompanied by images and even create infographics that summarize it visually. These types of publications are ideal for being shared on social networks by users who find them useful.
  10. Respond to all comments. We finish the list with something as obvious as the first point but that is not always taken into account and is essential. The blog is a conversation space, if not, what's the point in being told? Also, always try to answer the comments in a way that brings new things that have not been mentioned in the post. Again, answer ALL the comments!

It is clear that we can not force people to comment on our blog (it would be counterproductive) but we can make it more attractive so that they wil be interest and feel more comfortable commenting on it.
In our editor, you can create all the images, infographics and other static graphic resources that you need. In addition, you can easily add the logo of your brand, so that if these images are shared, so will the recognition of the brand.

There are no more excuses to get blog posts converted into a discussion forum :)

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