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How to add photo filters

Explore the many filters and effects of EDIT.org online graphic editor to add to your designs and photos. Customize free templates for your business easily.

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Good news! At EDIT.org, we have expanded the range of filters and effects you can add to your designs, so here's how to use them in the templates!

Online free editor with photo filters


Find out the best free photo filters for your designs

Effects are a crucial element in the design world as they allow you to maintain the same graphic style in all your compositions, gradually creating a recognizable personal brand.

Enhancing your designs and photographs by slightly modifying the saturation and contrast of colors or brightness can make the same image up to 21% more attractive to the human eye. Making these designs and images more seductive and captivating can lead to more likes, more followers on social networks, or more sales conversion, among other things.

At EDIT.org, find more than 20 filters that will enable you to edit your image instantly. In addition, the editor has an intensity meter so that you can adjust the final piece precisely and to your liking. You can use the most common filters (grayscale, sepia color, negative image, etc.) to the most fashionable effects (such as the Polaroid finish).

You will also find other basic tools such as cropping and moderating saturation, brightness, border, or shading to improve the quality of the design.


How to make photos with effects at EDIT.org

  1. Select the image or design on which you want to apply the effects
  2. Click on the "Filters" option on the vertical menu
  3. Choose the filter you want and play with the different options
  4. Save the composition
  5. Done! Download the final result to print or share in social media

red filter image


Design filters to add in your images

Thanks to EDIT.org, you will always have all your previous designs at hand as they can be saved in your user profile. Edit the images whenever you want from your cell phone or create copies of already made designs.

Remember that the effects you apply to your images will be saved as part of the template design so that if you change the background image, the same effects are added to it as well.

The results got with this editor are the same as if an expert graphic designer created the designs. The main difference is that EDIT.org allows you to do it yourself, saving you time and money.

We invite you to take a look at the new editor updates and start creating your designs with effects now!

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