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Trends in digital marketing for 2021

Do you run a business with social media networks or a webpage? Find here the most successful digital marketing trends in 2021.

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Do you run a business with social media networks or a webpage? We share with you some of the digital marketing trends that are being successful in 2021, as well as some editable templates to carry them out.

Trends digital marketing 2020

We currently live in a world where promotional messages are everywhere, and to stand out, some sellers have opted for lower intrusive advertising strategies which can provide more value to customers. Although using traditional forms of promotion such as banners can be useful, these sort of ads can sometimes be filtered out of a user's screen through the setup of Adblockers.

Most important digital marketing strategies of 2021

1. Visual content

Smartphones have become, by far, the preferred device for everyone to access the Internet. Several studies have indicated that on average, we look at our phone about 80 times a day! Therefore, our consumption of daily information is directly given by a phone's screen.

It is vital to create content and experiences that are completely visual. Videos, 360º photos, and modular designs (Pinterest and Instagram) can make users interested in the information you have to offer.

Besides, illustrative images, tutorial videos, and infographics are very eye-catching since they save the viewer's comprehension and interpretation time, plus they're easily memorable.

2. Storytelling

"The art of telling a story" is a recent concept that has become a crucial element for the triumph of advertising campaigns in the digital era of the Internet.

It consists of engaging with users through a story, which has to be told by connecting emotionally with the public. The key is to know your audience perfectly. Making them feel a certain way will make them remember the message you have conveyed.

Through these stories, you can humanize your brand by showing a natural and close relationship with followers. Customers will not buy your product or service for what it is, but for the feelings you bring them.

It is vital to know how to create effective storytelling that can adapt to different types of media. You can get audience traffic by projecting your story on various platforms.

3. Personal attention

Personalized attention is the key to customer loyalty, as you will make your customers feel special and cared. Generating engagement will allow them to fully trust your brand and the new products or services that you offer.

Those days in which newsletters addressed the user as "Dear customer ..." are over. Today, all communications should be personalized with the client's name. Besides, through studies based on their interests, you can offer personalized offers to clients.

Also, more and more brands incorporate a chatbot on their pages. It is a tool that allows us to offer immediate customer service to all users.

4. Growth hacking

It is another way to make a company grow beyond traditional marketing. It is based on a set of techniques and tools that seek to achieve an exponential growth of users, create more impact and obtain income with the minimum expenditure and effort possible.

Growth Hacking has proven to be such an effective technique that the person in charge of carrying it out, the Growth Hacker, is today one of the most demanded professions in the business world. 

In short, marketing has evolved leaving behind the intentions of traditional advertising, only oriented to sell the product, and has been oriented to the contribution of value of the product or service, putting the user as the main focus. To carry out the above mentioned strategies, use the EDIT.org online editor and start creating your designs now. Adapt the pre-designed templates to your needs, type of business and brand image and elaborate your communication strategy without limits. Try it out now!

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