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Trends in digital marketing for 2022

Discover the best digital marketing trends for 2022 to make your business grow. Find at EDIT.org customizable templates for your online marketing campaigns.

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Does your business have a website or social media channels? Discover the digital marketing trends for this year with some editable templates to implement them. 

Online marketing trends for startups and companies


Best digital marketing strategies for 2022

In a world where advertising stimuli are constant, brands have opted for less intrusive advertising that brings more value to the user. Traditional forms of advertising, such as banners that appeared on the user's screen are becoming less and less frequent, among other things since applications such as AdBlockers prevent their correct display.

So, what are the best ways to make yourself known and get organic traffic?


1. Visual content

Smartphones have become the most used device to access the Internet (some sources say that, on average, we look at our cell phones 80 times a day). It is vital to create content that can be viewed from any device, as well as new user experiences. High-quality videos, 360º photos, or modular designs (like Pinterest or Instagram) make the user more interested in the information you are transmitting.

In addition, illustrative images, explanatory videos, or infographics are attractive, save the viewer time of understanding and interpretation and allow the information to be remembered easily.

EDIT.org's customizable templates can be your best ally to generate this content. There are different free designs of all kinds, such as editable templates for social media.


2. Storytelling

It is based on "the art of telling a story", a key aspect for the success of advertising campaigns in the digital age of the Internet. It consists of connecting with users through a story, which has to connect emotionally with the viewer. The goal is to know your audience perfectly to make them feel your message in a certain way.

Through a story, you can humanize the brand and show its natural and close aspect. Customers will not buy your product or service for what it is, but for the sensations and emotions transmitted.

It is vital to know how to make good storytelling and adapt perfectly to different media.


3. Personalized attention

It is crucial to building customer loyalty because you will make them feel special and cared for, generating an engagement that will allow them to trust your brand and new products or services.

Nowadays, newsletters don't start like "Dear customer...". Today, all emails and letters are written in a direct and personal way.

In addition, more and more brands are incorporating a chatbot in their pages, a tool that allows them to offer immediate customer service to all users.


4. Growth Hacking

This concept goes beyond traditional marketing. It is a set of techniques and tools that seek to achieve exponential growth of users, impacts, or revenue with the minimum possible expense and effort.

Growth Hacking has proven to be an effective technique, being the Growth Hacker one of the most demanded professions in the business world. 

As you can see, marketing has evolved, leaving behind the intentions of traditional advertising to sell the product, generating more interest in the intangible benefit of the product offered. Dare to try all these techniques in your business!

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