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Complete guide to social media image sizes 2021

Read about the social media sizes for this year, whichever the selected format for your post is. Also, find free templates in EDIT.org to get started with your communication plan.

Edit a social media post template
Updated: January 2021

Discover on EDIT.org the updated sizes for your social media posts, whatever the format is. Also, find free custom templates to edit in a few minutes.

Have you ever uploaded a photo on your social media profiles with a size different you wanted? You must pay attention to the size of the images and prepare them correctly before uploading them. Below, you will find a list of recommended measures to avoid these errors, updated for 2021.

Facebook image and video sizes

When uploading photos to Facebook, the platform automatically resize and format them. To make sure they are displayed in the highest possible quality, try these sizes:

Profile and cover images

Images posts

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Instagram image and video sizes

Images publications


The video must have a minimum resolution of 720 px. If it lasts 10 minutes or less, their maximum size should be 650 MB, and those up to 60 minutes, 3.6 GB. Remember also that the file format must be MP4, its cover image must be 420 x 654 px, and that the previews will be of 4:5 centered crop. Finally, keep in mind that the maximum duration of the video, if uploading it from your mobile, will be of only 15 minutes.

Profile image
: the aspect ratio of a profile image is 110 x 110 px or 180 x 180 px, regardless of its original quality version. Therefore, its ideal size should be much larger to avoid low pixels. In other words, this should be a perfectly square image with no space.

Instagram ads

When creating an ad in the ad creation tool, you can crop the image to ensure that the look of your Instagram ad is what you want.

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Twitter image sizes

👉 Create designs for your Twitter business feed and corporate Twitter headers now.

LinkedIn image and video sizes

👉 Create a LinkedIn cover and LinkedIn posts with our free templates.

Pinterest image and video sizes

Although this is the ideal size, Pinterest accepts all kinds of formats for pins.


Youtube image and video sizes

👉 Create Youtube thumbnails and Youtube channel art designs with our free editable templates.

EXTRA: Tiktok image and video sizes

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Any business or a personal brand must take care of its appearance and offer the customer the best possible experience, so creating professional and original images is essential both to create engagement and to generate traffic.

Get started now with EDIT.org!

Edit a social media post template
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Edit a social media post template
Edit a social media post template