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Complete guide: social media image sizes 2018

Complete guide: social media image sizes 2018

Have you ever gone to upload a photo to your social networks and it has been published with a different size than the one you wanted? Surely yes. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... process more than 40,000 files per minute. In order to manage all this information, the processors compress the files, thus speeding up the work. The problem is that the size and image quality can be modified if we have not take into account it before.

Have you ever thought about what you would think if you entered an establishment and saw everything messy? The same can happen when someone enters on a profile for the first time and sees that the profile photo doesn’t have the proper format, is pixelated or has low quality... The first thing you will think is that if they don’t bother taking care of something as basic as the image that they give to the public, neither will they do it with the service that they want to offer.

That is why it is very important to pay attention to the size of the images and prepare them correctly. If you keep reading this article you will find a list with the recommended measures and sizes to avoid these errors updated for 2018. If you follow the proposed sizes you should not have any display problems when you upload your files.

If you prefer to choose the easy and fast way, we recommend you to take a look at EDIT, an online image editor. With this program you will only have to select what type of format you are looking for (banner, Facebook cover, Instagram profile pic...) and you won’t have to worry about anything else, the sizes will be adjusted automatically. Moreover, you could edit your design in a very creative and fast way with all the tools that EDIT puts at your disposal.

Social media image sizes 2018


Facebook photos size 2018 updated

Size images ads on Facebook Ads

If you want to make your advertising campaigns on Facebook in an effective way, you will have to be very aware of the image sizes presented by each type of format. If you don’t take it into account, you'll be throwing your money away!
Facebook recommends us to use a size of 1600 x 628 pixels. Once uploaded, the images will be resized in the following way:


Size of images of publications promotions:

The promotions of the publications are not exactly like the Facebook Ads. So, it’s also important  how they’ ll look once promoted and shared.

sizes of facebook images on social media


Instagram images size  2018 updated


Size of Instagram image images

In this case, the size that you have used for your publications will serve: square or horizontal.

You must be careful with the text you want to add in these ads because Instagram only allows you a maximum of 20% of the image to include the text.



Twitter image sizes 2018 updated

 Size of Twitter cards images (twitter ads)



LinkedIn image size for 2018



Size of Pinterest images 2018



Size of YouTube images 2018


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