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Complete Guide to Social Media Image Sizes 2018

Complete Guide to Social Media Image Sizes 2018
Complete Guide to Social Media Image Sizes 2018

Have you ever gone to upload a photo onto your social media platforms and when it published all of the sudden it was in a different size than how you originally wanted? There's a good chance you've run into this issue. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can process more than 40,000 files per minute. In order to manage all this information, the processors compress the files, thus speeding up the work. The problem is that the size and image quality could be modified if you have not taken this into account before uploading the images.

If you've ever walked into a messy establishment, you've probably noticed that the lack of organization affected your overall first impression the business and their professionalism. The same can happen if someone clicks on a profile for the first time and sees that the profile photo doesn’t have the proper format, is pixelated or has low quality. A potential customer might think that if the business doesn’t bother taking care of something as basic as a picture then they won’t bother putting effort into the service that they are offering.

This is why it is important to pay attention to the size of the images to prepare them correctly. If you keep reading this article you will find a list of the recommended measurements to avoid these errors. If you follow the suggested sizes you should not have any display problems when you upload your files.

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Social media image sizes 2018


Facebook Image Size for 2018

Facebook Advertisement Image Size

If you want to have effective advertising campaigns on Facebook you will have to be very aware of the image sizes presented by each type of format. If you don’t take it into account you could be throwing your money away!
Facebook recommends using image sizes of 1600 x 628 pixels. Once uploaded, the images will be resized in the following way:


Image Sizes for Facebook Online Display Promotions:

The sizing advertisements for other publications are slightly different than Facebook ads. So it's important to know the different sizes so you'll know how your ad will look once it is promoted and shared. 


Instagram Image Size for 2018 


Size of Instagram Online Display Promotions

In this case, the size that you have used for your publications will serve: square or horizontal.

You must be careful with the text you want to add in these ads because Instagram only allows you a maximum of 20% of the image to include the text.


Twitter Image Size for 2018

 Size of Twitter Advertising Cards 


LinkedIn Image Size for 2018


Pinterest Image Size for 2018


YouTube Image Size for 2018

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